Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Stash And A Couple Of Pic's

Hello all, 
Its been just over a month since my last post and it has flown by.
Thank You all so much for your lovely comments and best wishes.
Noah is now at home and doing great.
He's now nearly 5.5lb and feeding like a good'en.  : )

Not hardly stitched at all but now getting back into the swing of things now that everything is settling down and no more running backwards and forwards to the hospital.

While no stitching was being done i did treat myself to some goodies.

Then i got my act together and finally made a little something with the Eiffel Tower that i made for DD a couple of years ago. I'm a great one for sewing things and then putting them away to get framed and then leaving them, thinking i will give it a go at framing them myself.

Wanted to finish it off with some Navy ribbon to make a little hanger but has usual everything but that colour.
Just has well DD liked it just the way it was.  : )

And lastly some pic's of Noah.

We still have the crib we had for his dad and Auntie.
It has a skirt that goes round the outside put is more trouble than its worth, always falling down.  ; )

The Teddy is nearly bigger then Noah.

He has a nice set of wheels.

He sleeps in this better than in the crib. Maybe because it tips up slightly like the incubator he was in.

He looks huge, but believe me he's still tiny.

Anyway that's all from me.
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

He's Here Hes Here

Hello folks,
Yesterday was the best day ever.
First Grandchild arrived 6 weeks early by c-section due to the fact he was small has the placenta was failing, but hes nice and sturdy and healthy and bigger then expected.
We got to see him straight after he was born has they stopped for a couple of sec's to show him to us has they wheeled him off  to the premature baby unit.
When Luke saw him last thing last night he was on his back and his oxygen turned down has he was breathing near enough like a full term baby.

Born 2 April at 15.31 weighing 4.5 lb

Still cant believe hes here.  : )

Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hermit Weekend

Hello folks, hope you are all keeping well.

Had a nice surprise. 
Sister-in-law and her daughter flew over for the Paddy weekend. We had a great time catching up and other stuff.  : )
 Its times like these that i wish i knew they were coming and would have got stuck in with Miracles sooner and she might have been able to take it home with her.  ; )

But i have kept my promise to myself to keep going with Miracles and try and get it finished for her Birthday.  ; )

So for the Hermit Weekend i finished off the left panel.

It was only when finishing the panel that i could make out what it was i was sewing, has the colours were all just a blend of blues and the photo of it on the kit i could only make out the house.

And for being good finishing off the above i started the final part of Nathalie's sal.
It's so nice to be using colourful threads after so many blues.

Love the out line of the flower on the side of the house.

I'm going to finish off the house then its back to Miracles.  : (

To see how everyone got on with their Hermit Weekend check out  Joyce's Blog

Well that's all from me folks,
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

On A Roll

Hello all.
For the past week i have carried on with Fragile Miracles and back to enjoying this one, it sews up pretty quick once you are into it.

On the reading front i got 2 books this week.

At the weekend it was my Birthday and long with lots of goodies i had these beautiful flowers delivered from  my lovely Sister-in-law back home in London.

And my Niece Rachel

They are just lovely.

I'm a very happy bunny.

That's all from me folks
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Hello all, how are you all keeping.
 Spring has definitely been here today, we have had blue skies and the sun was actually out.

This past week i have been finishing off part 1 of Maryse Sal
And just starting the beginnings of part 2.

Yesterday i started back on Fragile Miracles. I started and finished the square and the Dove. I so want this one finished by May at the earliest for Sister-in-laws birthday or August when i will actually see her. 

And this months Tusal Jar

Well that's all from me folks,
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Part 4 Finished

Hello all, thank you for all your nice comments. : )
Funny how some of us from all different parts of the world enjoy not just cross stitch but the same kind of books. Kate Moreton seems to be very popular.  : )

On the stitching front for the Hermit Weekend i finished off part 4 of Nathalie's Sal

Now back to finishing off part 1 of Maryse's Sal
Part 3 came out at the weekend.

DD was home for a short time while looking for a new home. Now her and Lady are on the move. When we lost Jake i said no more dogs were coming  in the house, so my sister-in-law got me this metal dog. Has you can see Lady was never to sure of it.

Lady all snug in Jakes old bed. She loves it.

That's all from  me now.
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Little Heart Finish

Hello all, hope you are all well and keeping warm and dry where ever you are.
Like everyone else i am now longing for warmer weather. 
This pass week we have had a mini hurricane, rain, rain and more rain and some snow in between.
Even Rosie and Mollie didn't want to come out of their shed.

And at the weekend i found some books to keep me quiet. ; )

I have all of Kate Morton's books and really enjoyed her first book 'The Forgotten Garden'. Not a fan of Richard Madeley but his book looks like a good read.

On the sewing front i made a little something with a freebie called 'My Little Heart'.

The bottom corner of the red part looks a bit wobbly in the photo, but thankfully don't look like that.

That's all from me for now.

Thanks for stopping by and looking.