Thursday, 28 August 2014

Quick Update

Hello all, just a little update.
Been in the mood to get going on Plum Street Samplers ' Beloved '.

Here's where i was.

And now.

And started a 'Tatty Bear' Birth Sampler for Noah.

And out walking the other day met this fella. Don't know who was more scared him or me.

But a few shoo's and waving arms later he was on his merry way.

Noah's off to water babies tomorrow with his mum.
 Hopefully he will do better this time has last week he was the only one screaming the place down.

Tomorrow i'm off on my hols.
 Going on a cruise for the first time. We are going to Norway and Iceland.
Yep, that place that's having earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Must of known we were coming.  ; )

Well that's it from me.
Thanks for stopping by and looking.


Manuela said...

Your stitches are beautiful.

Greetings, Manuela

Carol said...

Lovely stitching, Julie, and I know I would have been shocked to find a cow in the road like you did!! How funny :)

Enjoy that cruise--my coworker just got back from a Scandinavian cruise and was absolutely delighted with it! Have fun!!

Lesley said...

Lovely stitching progress.
That was one large cow!!no wonder you were surprised:-)

Julie said...

Beautiful stitching, have a wonderful holiday.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Julie, fancy a cow being in your way when walking ,must have got through a broken hedge.
Enjoy your holiday My friend went on this cruise back in the Spring she said it was wonderful she has been there twice now. Have fun.

Maggie said...

Beautiful stitching!
Have a great holiday, you will love Iceland, it's fantastic :-)

Miss Marple said...

Beautiful stitching!! A new project is very lovely :))
A hug

Brigitte said...

Very nice finish and lovely progress on your WIP.
I hope you are having fun on the cruise.

Brigitte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Escargopotte bordados said...

hi ! very nice stitching !
have a nice week

Escargopotte bordados said...

hi ! very nice stitching !
have a nice week

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