Tuesday, 18 October 2011

At Last

Hi fellow stitchers,hope you all had a good IHSW.And a big hi (and wave) to new followers.How you all doing ?.

I have  finally been able to get back in to my stitching. :) .The heart was willing,but my head wasn't .I have had the concentration of a nat.But things are looking up,so that's the main thing.

Over the weekend,i finished off the first half of the Rice stitches to Mary Glover.Not before time i know. :)

Close up of what i did this weekend.

Mary Glover so far.

That's it from me and my poor old head for now...Till next time.


Joysze said...

Julie, those rice stitching are awesome!!! I must've stared at them for minutes... I kid you not. :D The entire piece looks great!!

Anne said...

It's wonderful!! The rice stitches look fabulous!!

Lili said...

Hello!Thanks for your comments! :)

Your progress is gorgeous!
How beautiful sampler!


Claire said...

Well it's looking good.Did my first IHSW and loved it.x

Lissanne said...

Love your rice stitches, they are so beautiful!

Your sampler is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie. Great stitching over the weekend. I tried to email you about my Starry Night patter and left the comment on my blog about it. I just wanted to let you know that I got the pattern from freecrossstitchonline.com It is a free download in case you were interested in it. I also have the link to that site on my blog. They dont have a whole bunch of downloads but there are a few nice ones if they are more your style.

Kate said...

Beautiful stitches Julie! Very pretty project!

MysteryKnitter said...