Thursday, 8 March 2012

March WIP-Ocalypse

Afternoon Bloggers,Thanks for looking and leaving such nice comments.
Not been around for a bit has i have been trying to finish a page on Trixie.I thought it would be done by now,but still at it.The end is near though :) .
Its also a full moon so that means its WIP-Ocalypse time.So this is what  i have been up to.

So it seems that 8th March is a busy day this year has its a Full Moon and WIP at Measi's  and its Inter-National Womens Day,but best of all its

And i woke up to these tied to the bottom of the bed. :)

And came downstairs to this.

Ballons and Banners up and down hallway

 Got some real nice surprises like these really pretty glasses from DD Boyfriend.

Glasses from Duiske in Kilkenny

Flowers from my BIL and his Family.Big giant choccie cake and Hand made Bookmark from DD,Gift Voucher from Sewandso from DS and money from Hubby and Parents and a Family Dinner out tonight. :)

 Yep its the BIG 50...Still getting my head around that.As some people kindly tell me,i'm half a century old..:(   . Still,i have my health, family and a Chocolate cake and a botttle of Champagne to keep me happy.

Hope you all have a good week...Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

well done on your stitching and "happy birthday"

Ewa said...

Happy birthday! I love the girl you're stitching - her dress looks so delightfully sparkly!

MoonBeam said...

Great project you are working on.

Looks like you are definitely having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Lesley said...

Lovely stitching and a very Happy Birthday.

Minnie said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy your dinner with the family. 50 is only 10 away from 40 no biggy, and only 10away from 60, pray the next 10 go slooooowly :-) I'll be 55 this year and I'm starting to get scared.

Kim said...

Great stitching! And Happy Birthday, hope it was a great day!

robindefender said...

Your flapper girl is looking gorgeous. Happy Birthday!

Veronica said...

Happy Birthday, Julie. Aww... they should be telling you you're half a century young ^.^ Looks like you've had a wonderful day.

Beautiful progress on your WiP.


Beth Pearce said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! You must feel very loved to have such goodies presented to you from wakeup on - whoo hoo!!

Trixie is looking amazing - keep up the good work.

Lili said...

Nice progress! :)

Happy Birthday!!!Hope your B-day was wonderful!!!


Anne said...

Happy Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!! There I just sang for you :D I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Lovely progress on your 20's gal! She's so sparkly and pretty!

Miamina said...

Happy Birthday!

Love the progress you have made, well done.

Topcho said...

Quite late but still - happy birthday! Wishing you lots of happiness!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Your WIP looks beautiful.

Joysze said...

Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you were well and truly spoilt. :D

Trixie looks amazing!!!

Mangogirl said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY :D and gorgeous stitching :D