Monday, 16 April 2012

Back To George

Hello bloggers,thanks for your nice comments on last post.

Still Waiting for my fabric and bits to come so i have still to put the beads on 'Moon and Back'.

In the mean time i got back in to 'George And The Dragon'.I absolutely hate the chart.Its one of those coloured ones,and they have a few symbols the same but in different colours, but to me some of the symbols look similar in colour.But once i get going and asking DH every now and again what colour is this? i'm ok.Hopefully i won't have a pink horse or a blue tree ;) .

Finished off the shield the Dragons tail.

Whole thing so far.
Thanks for looking.


Melissa said...

Don't give up. I've encountered this same feeling before. I'd have to force myself to pick it up and push through and finish it. But at the end of the day it looks great and all that pain will have been worth it!

Happy Stitching

lesli said...

I hate those charts too! What I usually do is make a copy of the chart, then highlight in yellow the symbol I'm working on, then when I'm done with that symbol, go over it with another color highlighter (like orange or green). Then I highlight my next symbol in yellow...that way, I only focus on the little squares in yellow highlight each time!
George is looking great...I LOVE the colors!

Anonymous said...

George is looking great, you are making good progress.

Lesley said...

St. George and the Dragon is lovely. I hope you keep with i.,I am looking forward to seeing the dragon emerge:)

I agree, charts like that are so hard.I dislike the totally coloured block charts too, with no symbols. I had a nightmare with one of those when I was a novice stitcher..nearly put me off stitching, altogether.

Ewa said...

You might hate the chart but your progress is stunning!

Carol said...

I'm not a big fan of those colored charts either, Julie, but your piece is looking wonderful!

Lili said...

nice progress!!!

Veronica said...

Sorry that the chart is giving you problems. It looks fantastic though.


Mangogirl said...

looking lovely :)

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sure you will win over the chart. I mean you will finish this project one day.