Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thank You

Big Thanks for wishing DH well,he is doing well,and says thanks too. :) And also for dear Jake.We got a nice card with the Rainbow Bridge poem from the vets.Inside was a nice message about Jake that started us all off again.

Then about a week ago DD brought her dog Lady around, and while chasing a ball some how broke her leg. This is how she came back from the vets.

Just look at the state of me

Don't you just feel for me.
Nice to see Jakes bed back to good use.

All is well with Lady apart from the plastered leg.She still runs a round like a loony and jumping the walls around the garden.

Its Hermit weekend again this weekend.Check out the list of who is taking part over at Joysze's blog.

Also Joysze was asking if you had ever made a tool for your sewing....This is mine.

A round piece of foam with the centre cut out to hold one very strong magnet.The needles can then either lay on the magnet or just stick the needles in the foam,bit like the Pako.And i have some pins sticking around the sides.

On the sewing front i haven't done much,but i have been doing 'Forever Friends' for my Niece.

Thanks for looking.



Anonymous said...


Poor Lady she is in the wars!

Rainbow Bridge poem makes me cry everytime thinking about the cats I've lost.

I love your Forever Friends stitching, it's very sweet.

Happy stitching!

Parsley said...

Oh that's so sad. I know that collar thing is necessary but it does make puppy look pitiful. I'm pet sitting one with a collar now.

Anne said...

Aww poor puppy! I always feel bad for animals when they have the cone on. They look so sad :(

Cute WIP though!!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am so sad. I mean the Lady's case. That is so sad. Poor dog. :( I hope she will get better soon.