Thursday, 28 February 2013

And Another New Start

Hello all, hows your week been so far, can you believe the weekend is nearly upon us. Time just keeps flying by so fast. For the past week i have been doing this French sal of Maryse found here. It comes in 9 parts and part 3 is out already. I wasn't sure about doing this one, but once i saw the first part all sewn up it just looked so pretty that i couldn't resist. I wouldn't mind, but i have all the parts for last years sal that i haven't even started yet. :)

I'm nearly out of thread for this one, and also for 'Beloved',  they have been on order for 2 weeks now. It's just so annoying that there's only one shop that stocks dmc thread. And if i buy online it wont stop at just 2 threads. :)

On the 'Trixie' front, she hasn't been touched since i last posted, and the same goes with 'Beloved'.
Hopefully next time i blog i will have more to show.

Thanks for stopping by.  :)


RuthB said...

Oh, a lovely new start. I envy you the fresh piece. There's nothing like a brand new piece to get all excited about stitching.

Good luck getting your thread in... I feel your pain.

cucki said...

Aww lovely new start..
Happy stitching x

Mii Stitch said...

Great new start! Love the colours (fabric & thread) x

Topcho said...

Beautiful start! Such a lovely new project :)

Anne said...

Very pretty project!! :)