Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Stash

Hello all, hope you are all fine and dandy. :)

Going by some of the blogs i'm reading, some of you are getting snow again. The weather here in Ireland at the moment is beautiful, blue skies and the sun is out. :)

Got a phone call from a courier this morning, who had a delivery to make and couldn't find us out in the sticks, could i meet him. Off i goes. Nice surprise, it was my order from Sewandso. They used to deliver by Parcel Post, but hey, who cares what way it comes,  at least its here. :)

I got 3 pieces of 32 ct Belfast linen, CCN Silent Night and LHN Bear Tree Forest charts, and lots of threads. Most of them are for when i start my Jan Houtmann design.I never realised i needed 2 to 3 skeins of each colour.

This is all my LHN and CCN all together. I seem to be collecting them, more then sewing them. :)
I'm getting itchy fingers to start on one. Don't know how long i can hang it out though, as i told myself no new starts until i have done more on Trixie and George. Wonder how long i will last. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and looking. :)


Emma/Itzy said...

Like you I seem to be building quite a collection of these charts - I've told myself I can't start anything new now until I get at least one project done! I have too many wips as it is!

cucki said...

Wow super lovely stash..
Big hugs x

Anne said...

Nice collection of LHN charts! Now you need to choose one to stitch!

Lesley said...

Lovely stash and an impressive LHN collection. I have a fair few on my Sew and So wish list;)

Valma said...

it would have been a real pity not to meet the courier =)
great new charts
we are all like you =)

Mii Stitch said...

I love CCN & LHN designs too! Just like you, I've stashed a lot on them & really really am looking forward to start them all!! :D

busyhands said...

Wow! New stash, wonderful!
Love your collection of LHN charts :)

Catherine said...

Great goodies ~ and there is nothing wrong with collecting!!