Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blame The Sis

Hello all, how are you keeping with all this hot weather?.
Its so nice to have over a week of hot sunny weather, but how do you cope with it when its like this all the time?..

Now that the fence is back up the dogs are back around the house again. Catherine at Bramblewood Stitches has Panzer, well i'd like you to meet Mollie and Rosie.

                                                                               Rosie just loves rolling about and playing football.

This is a rare one of big sis Mollie laying still.

This is where i blame the sis-in-law :  )

On the sewing front i have been good  and  not started anything new. I've got 3 wips on the go and was aiming to finish one, do a page of Trixie and more on George. Then in this mornings post i get this from my sis-in-law. Can i sew this for her.

Has you can see it didn't take me long to think about it.

 Nearly had a fit though when i saw the colours. I thought it was one of those kits where they stick all the colours in the holes for you to sort out yourself. But turns out they were already sorted and i just had to put the symbols next to each colour. Phew, that was a big relief  : ) , and i changed the Aida to 28ct Brittney.The colours are nice and only noticed later written very small in the corner that its a Joan Ellliott design.
 So now i will be at this until its finished or she will never get it..  : )

Well, that's it from me
    Thanks for stopping by.


cucki said...

Aww cute fur babies and sweet kit..
Happy stitching x

Catherine said...

So fun to see your babies!!! Panzer is definitely not liking this heat ~ but I'm sure he would love to play with your girls!

butterfly said...

Lovely girls , And love your new start, happy stitching.

Anne said...

Super cute doggies!! Love your new kit. Bet you can't wait to start?!

Janet P said...

I bet sorting those colours tried your patience! Not doggie weather is it - they just want to find a cool spot. x

Valma said...

so cute babies =D
they are just like me...trying to find a fresh spot and waiting for freshness =D
those dogs are so kind !
my uncle had one for 14 years ! she was a real teddy bear =)