Monday, 23 January 2012

January IHSW And TUSAL Updates

Hope you all had a good weekend of stitching.
Friday no stitching was done as i wanted to get everything done and  out of the way for me time. Saturday came and after doing the dogs , doing my walk and everyone gone for the day i started on the Xmas Tree Heart only to find i still cannot count and ended up frogging what i had sewn from before .Turns out that that i started in the wrong row . :(

From This
To This
While doing all this,i have Charles Dickens Edwin Drood on tv, a BBC castume drama . Got into that and gave up on the sewing . :)

Sunday was much better , though i didnt get much done there was no frogs to be seen . :)

Border Added
This year i joined the TUSAL that Daffycat is hosting , And being tonight is a new moon here is my jar , just 2 colours so far . :(   Never mind , at least i've not lost my mojo just yet. ;)
Heres the link to Daffycats Blog

Jake guarding the jar 

Still guarding the jar.But someone there ?
No,but this is getting boring
Really,do i still have to look after this ?

Just 2 the colours so far
Thanks for looking.


Joysze said...

Oh dear... sorry you had to frog. :(

Jake is adorable. :D

Topcho said...

Sorry to hear about the frog attack :/ But the France project is looking good and Jake guarding must be one of the cutest Tusal posts ever!

Anonymous said...


Saw your blog listed on the IHSW post.

Your projects are looking lovely. I love your dog guarding your jar!

Lili said...

Sorry for the frog... :(
The "Souvenir" looks great, the border is very pretty!

How cute is Jack!! Your jar is pretty! :)

Hugs xx

Agi said...

Jack was funny and I love the Eiffel tower! My little boy just loves nursery, he cannot talk much but in the morning brings his little boots and tells me to go quickly! Last week he was a little ill and we stayed home, and he went to the door for his jacket several times and did not understood why he cannot go, he was really cute.

♥ Nia said...

It's terrible when we found out that we can't count :p heehhe It happens to best of us ;) LOL
I had to frog too.. Good count but wrong color! hahaaha :p
Have a great week!! :D

Linda said...

oh I HATE frogging with a vengeance! But I think we all do at one point or another during our work in progress. I did too so don't feel bad.

Cute dog! He is too adorable :))

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Just returning the following, thanks for commenting on my blog. It meant I could find you as your "following" profile doesn't link to your blog!
Love your JE Love You, it's on my "want to stitch" list too.

Phoenix Rising said...

Nice and Pretty

MysteryKnitter said...

What a nice dog that Jake is.