Thursday, 19 January 2012

January IHSW Weekend

 The last few days i have been working on this little freebie as i run out of one of the colours for " Love You".

32ct Belfast lines.

Thought try and make a little something out of it for DD. She has gone Eiffel Tower / Paris mad since visiting there :) .

Looking forward to this weekend has its IHSW weekend, so i am aiming to finish off this one and "Love you " with a bit of Christmas tree thrown in. Think i'm in for a good chance of doing quite a bit on Saturday as i have the house all to myself.  :)


When out walking with one of the dogs (she not ours, but somehow ended up living in the yard with our own , and now thinks shes a Rottweiler) we found some Snow Drops that have flowered and some other bulbs that look like Daffs. Looks like spring is coming early this year.  Hopefully might see one of my favourite this year, Bluebells.

Hope you all have a good stitching weekend.
                 Thanks for looking.


Joysze said...

Looking great, Julie. Have a great IHSW!! Lady is beautiful. :)

Lili said...

How pretty stitching! Enjoy your weekend!
Lady is very cute!

Topcho said...

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful, very elegant project. And Lady is so cute!

MysteryKnitter said...

Lady is cute and so is the Eiffel thing.